India must enact laws for the rights of nature

Category : Environment Conservation | Location : National  | Posted on 2022-09-13 01:52:06

India must enact laws for the rights of nature

A number of countries, including even Bangladesh, have prudently put several laws into place to protect the rights of their rivers on a par with humans

The Parana Delta in Argentina is a huge mosaic of wetlands, which are incredibly rich in biodiversity. But for the last three years now, it has been facing severe drought. The receding water level and human activities like clearing the land for cattle grazing or for real estate development combined with intense heat have led to the shrinking of the wetlands.

In July 2020, two NGOs filed a Collective Environmental Appeal before the Supreme Court of Justice to preserve the integrity of the wetlands. Citing precedents from countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, India and New Zealand, it urged that “the Paraná Delta lives, breathes, develops, pulses, feels. Our petition goes beyond the demand of the right to live in a healthy environment…. The Delta has its own life and it is succumbing. It deserves protection and the recognition of rights.”